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2018-08-06 Monday
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  The Security Uniforms For Shenzhen University Games

Two years ago, in the parade of 60th anniversary of the National Day of the People's Republic of China, the national flag guards and armed police who wore the military uniforms developed and produced exclusively by Jiangsu Casdilly Dress Co., Ltd. trooped through Tiananmen square martially and grandly to accept the review of the Party and national leaders. Due to this, Casdilly creates a precedent that parade uniforms are from private production which becomes the pride and glory of Jiangsu private enterprises. Nowadays, Casdilly stands at a fresh start and achieves excellent results again such as producing security clothing for Shenzhen Universidad, creating and making memorial clothing for the retired armed police soldiers and designing and producing special battle dress for the national first anti-terrorism commando. Yesterday, our reporter interviewed the president of Casdilly, Jinlin and the general manager, Li Shimming specially to expose that Casdilly is creating the miracles one by one.

The security service of Shenzhen Universiade stunning debut

Wearing the new security service volunteers to be fully equipped for

Chairman of the company Jinlin Cong and a security service volunteers.

The world spotlight 26th Shenzhen University Games is going to curtain-up. The almost 260 thousand pieces of security uniforms will come out amazingly to the home and abroad tonight. This is another great task after manufacturing for the 60th anniversary of the National Day and Guangzhou Asian Games and so on. What’s more, the event shows the world the great research development capacity of Jiangsu private enterprises.

Shenzhen University Games is another grand international meeting after Olympic Games, World Expo and the Asian Games. Relying on the good reputation, Casdilly won the bidding smoothly. In order to fulfill the task with high quality on time, we organized a team rapidly, designed and manufactured elaborately.

The designing inspiration of the security uniforms originated in the host city --Shenzhen who are famous for its efficiency, fashion, and green. Thinking twice, Casdilly defined the theme of the uniforms as comfortable, handsome, sport and outstanding. Short sleeve shirts: the fabric is Local knitted with good moisture absorption and sweat releasing. The designers made the University Games logo on the left chest. The image of oceans and seas and people on the right is remarkably true to life. Generally, the design is fashionable, colourful and full with the spirit of the times, which, beyond doubt, will be the fashion trend in the future.

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  Memorial Clothing, wins glory for retired armed police soldiers.

It is proud and unwilling to give up when putting on the memorial clothing for retirement. Because memorial clothing is the sign of being a soldier for us in our lives which will be a pride. The memorial clothing for the retired armed police soldiers which were developed and produced exclusively by Jiangsu Casdilly Co., Ltd. have been organized to be allotted and piloted in partial troops and mobile division. This is another miracle for Casdilly to be related to military camp and create private clothing enterprises.

In order to make the retired soldiers wear standardized clothing during their trips of returning hometown, the headquarters decides to design memorial clothing for the retired soldiers (men and women) according to the thought of distinguishing from standard police uniforms, being different from civilians’ clothing, undertaking memorial meaning and Possessing elements of fashion.

This is a significant innovation and reform of dress for our retired soldiers which reflect the love from the leaders of the military commission and the general department to soldiers. The headquarters of armed police designated that Casdilly should undertake creation, design and production.

With the retirement commemoration for armed police, retired casual clothes for men is atropines leisure jacket and for women are two models: atropines leisure jacket and atropines hunting dress. Combined with the wearing experience and whole outfit effect of retired soldiers of last year, some renovations have been made in clothing color, fabric texture and logo. The first batch of casual jackets for retired armed police soldiers adopt the popular element of fashion and looks concise and easy, beautiful and practical, which possess the meaning of collection and commemoration.

         Special Operations Forces Uniforms, add the glory for Snow Leopard Commandos

Anti-terrorism battlefield, the United States Special Operations Forces--Navy Seals, have been a big hit now. China's first anti-terrorism forces -- "snow leopard" commandos are now lifting its veil. It is Jiangsu Casdilly which is so proud to achieve the opportunity to design the suit for this special team. For Jiangsu private companies, to take part in the competition with so many other brother-suit-companies and win the bidding, it is really a miracle.

The Special Operations Forces Uniforms Casdilly made is divided into several collections. According to the special requirement of combat drill, the uniforms should have an excellent barrier property and be able to combine with equipment perfectly. The Special Operations Forces Uniforms, standing out the servicemen' power and masculinity, being full of the philosophy of nomination, successfully demonstrate the military's force and civilization. Now they’re working on making the characteristic suit which will be put in test fitting in some troops and be officially debut to the people throughout the world.



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