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2018-08-06 Monday
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Jiangsu Casdilly Dress Co., Ltd
Address:No11 Hengda Road, Nanjing City, China

  To Be Honest and Trustworthy

In Nanjing Economic Development Zone, there is a modern enterprise, covering an area of 80 thousand square meters in the neighborhood of some international enterprises such as LG, Siemens and Sharp, that is Jiangsu Casdilly Dress Co., Ltd which is praised as the Expert in Uniform Industry. Who is it that starts from scratch to running a modern fast-growing private enterprise concentrating scientific research, manufacturing and trade? It is Miss Cong Jinglin who is entitled as the Director of the Committee of Ministry of Public Security, the Jiangsu Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur, and the Member of the Nanjing Standing Committee. At present, we have over2380 employees; the capital asset reach up to 16 million yuan.Besides, the annual sales exceeds RMB 60million with 3million taxation.
To be honest to open up a new market
An enterprise needs to be honest and trustworthy just same as one people in the social communication. Due to the honesty and sincerity, the enterprise will have a good reputation in the industry so that other companies will be glad to establish a cooperative relationship with it. Following the pace of the market-oriented economy, Miss Cong successfully mastered the laws of the economics, and firmly believed that keeping the honesty as the best policy would win more market share. In the winter in 1994,owing to the budgeting fault, the little enterprise would earn more than that on the correct quoted price in one export business.However,Miss Cong made the decision voluntarily to hand back the excess part. Even so, our company won a good reputation of a lot of customers. Hence, with the order increasing, the enterprise expanded gradually.
In 2001, Miss Cong re-registered 50million to set up Jiangsu Casdilly Dress Co., Ltd in Nanjing Economical Development Zone, which specializes in the uniform manufacturing. Finally, the work pays off, she succeeds. Up to last year, Casdilly has been acknowledged as the fixed-point production factory by scores of ministries and commissions, the products spreading over 31 provinces, cities and municipalities in the country.
Quality First
Good quality is an eternal theme of enterprises. One will lose its market position if its product quality is inferior. Miss Cong always pays special attention to the importance of quality management, and persists in that honesty is the best policy in the early build. Casdilly introduce advanced international manufacturing management system, and realize to be the first to pass ISO9001-2000, ISO-2004 and ISO28001-2001 in the field.
After China joined the Trade Organization in 2001 and the abolishment of quota in 2005, the domestic and abroad garment market has changed more or less.Meanwhile, a few enterprises attempt to share the industry market. The chairman Miss Cong always say to the employees,” As a modern uniform manufacturing enterprise, we must insist that Quality First." Because of the well-deserved reputation, Csdilly is rewarded with Certificate for Occupational Health and Safety Management, entitled as Model Enterprise and praised as Grade-A Taxpayer. In addition, our bank credit rank has reached at AAA.
Innovative Design and Winning Brand
The garment industry is a traditional industry in our country. In recent years, Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government have given important instructions to the textile and garment industry that "further strengthen brand awareness, strive to foster a well-known brand in the domestic and foreign markets, and constantly improve the value of the products to enhance the competitiveness of the textile and garment industry". Chairman of Jiangsu Casdilly Garments Co., Ltd., Cong Jinlin capitalized on the trend, set up a special research and development center within the company, the R & D centers under the market research group, design group, material group, proofing group and the review group, forming a clear division of labor, a management system that the individual results linked to performance, which fully mobilized the enthusiasm of the design team. From the point of Cong Jinlin, the competition between uniform enterprises is a competition between the uniform designs. To improve design and development capability, Cong Jinlin intended to hire the only one who won the German Chancellor Award, Mr. MAX as the company's design consultant, who took on-site guidance one week per month regularly; annual batches of the technical staff and first-line backbone employees are sent to Shanghai, East China Institute of Clothing Technology and the Jinling vocational and Technical College systematically study design techniques to comprehensively improve the overall design team's innovative design capabilities. At the annual design and proofing appraisal for hats and uniforms of the public, the prosecutor, law, the secretary for commerce, industry, taxation department, Jiangsu Casdilly Dress Co., Ltd. Always come out to top.  This batch after batch of the latest design uniforms shows the accurate understanding for the customer philosophy, social background and developing trend. Also with its fashionable and functional excellence, Casdilly produces professional business clothing highlighting both the spirit of the time and the elegance of fashion and the industry for customers at home and abroad.
Though innovative design is important, winning with the brand should be the most. Recent years, the name of Cong Jinlin and Jiangsu Casdilly Garments Co., Ltd.become more and more popular in the uniforms industry and this stimulated many unscrupulous traders to spy the company’s brand. Actually, Cong cherished the brand a lot. She knew the difficulty to get the brand and has been working hard to protect its own brand. As early as in 2001 when the company entered to the uniforms industry, it had applied to the business sector the registered mark“卡思•迪莱”  and the English brand name “Casdilly”. Casdilly was issued as “Nanjing Famous Brand” by Nanjing government in 2003 and then awarded with honors like the key brand certificate and Jiangsu famous brand etc. In face with honors and achievements, Cong was not contented. “Brand construction has beginning but not ending. Achievements can only represent the past and it can never replace the future.” Said she. Now, Casdilly Garments is trying to win the honors of “Chinese famous brand” and “Chinese well-known brand”.

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